Muskegon Downtown Development Authority’s Mission

Our mission is to allocate our resources in support of development, promotions, and events toward creating a thriving downtown and its waterfront where all people can live, work, play and stay.

The Downtown Muskegon Community

Muskegon is a waterfront community and its downtown is an integral part of the Port of Muskegon located directly on beautiful Muskegon Lake.

Downtown Muskegon is located in the city of Muskegon, a municipality of 38,500 people, in Muskegon County, which has a diverse population of 172,000. Muskegon is a proud part of West Michigan — an economically and socially vibrant region of 1.2 million people.

Downtown Muskegon is along the southern shore of Muskegon Lake from the end of Western Avenue on the west to Muskegon Avenue on the south, Ottawa Avenue on the east and the lakeshore on the north. An integral part of the Nelson Neighborhood, Downtown Muskegon includes the waterfront, Midtown, Western Waterfront and Pine Street districts.

Downtown Muskegon stretches west towards the Lakeside District and its new Windward Pointe waterfront development.


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